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Do you offer different levels of service?:

Yes, we offer two main services as well as bespoke services to our clients. The main services are:

1. full service where we set clients up for VAT and self-employment (should they need), take care of all invoices and payments, calculate all and any allowable expenses, and submit VAT and annual tax returns; 
2. invoicing and payments only service where clients do their own tax returns or use their own accountant.

How do I claim for expenses?

Logac will take care of all of that for you, simply keep all receipts and invoices for products or services needed to carry out your work, and we’ll look after the rest.

How much tax will I pay?

The amount of tax payable varies depending on certain factors, and whilst responsibility for filing the correct information lies solely with you, Logac will help ensure clients submit the correct information and payments on time, as failure to do so can incur automatic penalties, surcharges and/or interest

How do I join Logac

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